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Steve Eisman Tells Bankers Griping About 'Unfair' Regulation That Instead They Should STFU

You don't like it? He doesn't give a rat's a.
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Not Not the real Eisman but you get the idea. Getty Images

Not the real Eisman but you get the idea. (Getty)

Steve Eisman was one of the people who actually saw the 2008 housing crash coming, so he knows a thing or two about bankers who are full of sh*t. Speaking of which, over the weekend he put it out there that anyone complaining about too much regulation in the wake of the global financial crisis-- particularly those who y'know, caused it-- should take those complaints and shove them up their a$$es.

Speaking at a Miami conference of the securitization industry - whose excesses were blamed for much of the crash - he said bankers now should not be whining about tougher new rules. "I don't think regulation has gone too far," he told conference attendees on Sunday. "The banking industry should just shut up on this topic." Asked if he thought that new regulation to prevent another crash was fair, because it targets bonds that were not part of the crisis, Eisman drew laughs from the audience with his reply. "Do I think it's fair? Tough shit," said Eisman, now a managing director at Neuberger Berman. "You lived in a bad neighborhood. You didn't police yourselves. You're going to have to live with this. You frickin' blew up Planet Earth. Shut up and move on."

'Big Short' guru tells whiny bankers to shut up [Reuters]



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