Think Tank Keeping Itself Busy Pretending That Anyone Cares About The Debt Anymore

Particularly a certain debt-loving candidate's supporters.

In advance of last night’s migraine trigger, the folks at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget thought they’d offer their two cents. It’s almost quaintly, heartbreakingly earnest in our current situation, in that it makes the entirely false assumptions that:
(a) facts and analysis still play a role in our political process
(b) the opinions of “experts” are welcome or even mildly diverting to anyone
(c) anyone voting for Donald Trump believes that the national debt remains an existential problem, or any problem at all, for that matter


The report finds that Mr. Trump, on the other hand, would cut spending by around $1.2 trillion over the next decade while reducing revenues by $5.8 trillion through his plans to cut taxes and repeal other taxes imposed by the Affordable Care Act….

“Unfortunately, neither candidate has presented a proposal to address our growing national debt and put it on a more sustainable path, nor have they offered a proposal for shoring up the Social Security, Medicare, or Highway trust funds,” the report concluded. “As it currently stands, Donald Trump’s proposals would still substantially worsen the debt.”

Donald Trump Would Boost Debt More Than Hillary Clinton, Report Says [WSJ]