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UBS Stamford Trading Floor's Transformation Into Connecticut's Largest Laser Tag Arena Nearly Complete

The full conversion is probably only about 1-2 months away, based on a recent eyewitness account.
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Since 2011, UBS has beenopenly discussing the prospect of moving out of Stamford, CT, where several years prior, it'd built the world's largest trading floor. Clocking in at 36,000 square feet, management had decided that the space was to blame for all the bank's problems and that maybe if it moved, the mood- and the bank's financial situation- suddenly become whatever is Swiss for "Waking up on Christmas morning buried king size Toblerone bars." While UBS hasn't officially left, as of last summer the number of employees working there had dropped to 2,000 from a pre-financial crisis high of 4,400 and at this point, it appears that the only people left are a buncha analysts and whoever is in charge of reminding people that having a chair to sit on is a privilege, not a right:

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