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Warren Buffett Waiting To Comment On Wells Fargo...Because The Election?

Yeah, we don't get it either.

Much to the delight of conspiracy theorists everywhere, the most famous billionaire in America who also supports Hillary Clinton just told a conservative business network that he will wait until after the election to comment on the fraud scandal rocking the massive bank in which he has a 10% stake.


Here's Warren Buffett telling Fox Business about his lack of thoughts on what's going on at the smoldering stagecoach that we used to call Wells Fargo:

Reached late Tuesday night in Omaha, Nebraska, Buffett, who as of June owns nearly 500 million shares of the embattled financial giant, said, "If I start commenting on that or anything else, it will lead down too many paths so I will wait until November to speak about it, the election or any other subject."

Now, if you're using logic to parse this comment, we can understand that you might be a little confused. Wells Fargo just screwed the pooch on an epic scale, tried to smuggle a golden parachute to the executive who oversaw the historic cock-up and then had to watch it's seemingly shell-shocked CEO get torn at least a dozen new assholes by the Senate banking committee....what any of that has to do with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump does not seem immediately clear.

But Warren Buffett has made a considerable amount of money seeing what others did not, so let's maybe try to suss out why he's keeping his mouth shut on the subject of one of his huge investments lighting itself on fire and then trying to save itself by jumping into a pond of kerosene.

Wells was one of the SIFIs bailed out by a Congress that included then Senator Hillary Clinton, the very same person who has spent the entirety of this apparently never-ending election defending herself against charges of being to close to Wall Street. Perhaps Buffett is afraid that Clinton's opponent, a walking attack machine incapable of being derailed by linear logic or basic decency, will build a "Dangerous Mind"-esque tableau of bullshit linking Wells behavior to Hillary Clinton's...we dunno, "leniency?"

But if that's the case, Buffett should talk now, coming out hard against the "Gutless leadership" of John Stumpf and demanding some major changes at the bank that owns that he currently owns a fuck-ton of and has cost him about $1 billion in the last two weeks alone. In fact, Buffett staying silent is almost worse for Clinton, allowing those aforementioned conspiracy theorists a chance to draw their own conclusions about Warren and Hillary thinking up the idea of bilking fees from unauthorized accounts while doing Molly at an Illuminati meeting and then putting their theory to work at what was then the world's largest bank.

Then again, maybe Warren Buffet - an 86-year-old man who is already having a shitty week - just realized that he was talking to Fox Business and thought "Screw this, I'm just going to say whatever bullshit pops into my head first."

Warren Buffett to Fox Business: I'll Remain Silent on Wells Fargo for Now [FoxBusiness]



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