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Yahoo Hack Blows Back On Marissa Mayer In Most Marissa Mayer Way Imaginable

Oh, Marissa, you've outdone yourself.

We have said a lot of things about Marissa Mayer in the last year or so, because nothing happens around "Evita Breadsticks" that doesn't mix the disastrous with the darkly comic. Throughout Marissa's accidental campaign to burn down Yahoo like a slapstick fireman, we have seen a lot of crazy stuff go pear-shaped.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.16.36 PM

It felt like we had hit the edge of reason when Marissa had to disclose that Yahoo had been victimized by a hack that affected 500 million accounts. That alone would have been embarrassing, but that shame was compounded by the fact that Yahoo was apparently also publicly disclosing it to Verizon, the company that is in the process of buying Yahoo for almost $5 billion.

The whole thing felt like a pretty perfect Marissa Mayer f@ck-up. A real trip down a flight of stairs followed by and accidental step into a bucket and then down a second flight of stairs. But this being Marissa Mayer, we should have know that we weren't yet in the basement... 

Data security experts on Thursday said the giant hack at Yahoo may have left CEO Marissa Mayer’s e-mail vulnerable, The Post has learned.

But of course it did.

We are already looking forward to the day when MM's emails hit the public eye, letting us get an inside look at the thinking behind "Layoff Wednesdays" and placing her trust in Frank Quattrone.

There is also sure to be a lot to unpack in the "RE: Scott Galloway is a PRICK!" email chain.

Yahoo hack may have exposed Marissa Mayer’s emails [NY Post]



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