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Adviser To Turkish President Is Just Throwing It Out There: Turkey Should Buy Deutsche Bank

He proposed he idea on Twitter, naturally.
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Everyone already knows this but we'll say it again for the people who've been living under a rock where updates on the state of financial companies are few and far between: things a really, very, flamingly bad at Deutsche Bank right now. How bad? No one wants to admit to working there bad. "Second-quarter net income fell 98% from a year earlier" bad. Failing its stress test bad. Approximately twenty-nine employees involved in Libor-rigging bad. $14 billion fines bad. Unprotected sex with a junk bad. But are they 'let's take the 140 character proposal of a guy on Twitter, the place where half-baked ideas are tossed out there to see how they stick based on likes and retweets' bad?

Yigit Bulut, a chief adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said the country must consider using a new wealth fund or a group of state-owned banks to buy the Frankfurt-based company. Bulut made the proposal on Tuesday via his Twitter account, saying Germany’s largest lender should be made into a Turkish bank..."For months on TV programs, I’ve been calling on Turkey’s private and public capital: ‘Some very good companies in the EU are going to fall into trouble and we need to be ready to buy a controlling stake in them,’” Bulut wrote on Twitter. "Wouldn’t you be happy to make Germany’s biggest bank into Turkish Bank!!"

Well, John Cryan? Would you??

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