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$1000 VISA Rewards Card For Referring A Friend Not Even The Shadiest Part Of California Hedge Fund's Pitch

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Source: Young Capital Management

Source: Young Capital Management

In the market for a new steward of your capital? Scared off by Bill Ackman's love of burritos and Ray Dalio's aggression towards wildebeests? Thinking that 60 percent monthly returns sounds totally legit? Looking to score a quick 1,000 bucks? Look no further than Young Capital Management!

Carlsbad, California-based Young Capital Management has announced the launch of a fixed-income hedge fund that promises returns 60% a month to investors. In a statement, Young Capital said that returns are generated by buying and selling private contracts and private commercial transactions direct from refineries in defined industries – mainly petroleum products, minerals & mining, agriculture, energy, transportation, banking, finance and lending, real estate, and technology...Clients will receive 80% a month gross (60% a month net) for a period of 12 months based on amount of funds placed in a non-depleting escrow account. Returns are paid quarterly, with $100,000 minimum required investment.

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