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Bloomberg: Dirty F@cking Millennial Women Won't Stop Swearing At The Office

Is there enough soap to wash out the mouths of an entire generation?



What will this generation of self-appointed geniuses do next to shock and repulse us?

Oh, hello Bloomberg's Polly Mosendz:

It's normal for millennials to say "s—" and "f—" at work, and new research finds that younger women are among the most likely demographic to drop the f-bomb in the office. 

Well now we've got "the vapors"...

About three-quarters of female millennial managers and executives admitted to swearing at work, according to a new study of 1,500 Americans conducted by work management platform Wrike. Just 58 percent of Generation Xers and Baby Boomers in the same roles said they swear while on the clock. About two-thirds of millennial employees across the ranks swear at work, according to the survey, and millennial women are less bothered than millennial men by workplace profanity.

Ladies! For shame! Stop cursing so much for fucks's sake. It's unprofessional.

And if you're not going to buy things or have children before retirement or comprehend that the world doesn't owe you a favor, the least you could do is stop effin' and jeffin' in the workplace. After all, you're scaring "The Olds"...

Wrike's research found that Gen X and Baby Boomers are more likely to feel the taboo against bad language. Forty-five percent of Boomers and Gen X respondents millennials said workplace cussing "is too casual and feels unprofessional," while 45 percent of millennials said it makes no difference at all.

We can just picture a 38-year-old MD on the FX desk at Goldman clutching his pearls while listening to a pair of lady first-year analysts drop F-bomb after F-bomb and thinking "When I started, we spoke the Queen's english." After all, everyone curses in the world of finance...

Health care is the most crass of the industries included in the Wrike survey, with 64 percent of employees saying they swear at work—and 45 percent of those cussing frequently. Finance came in second, at 62 percent, followed by professional services and technology.

Damn health care, you nasty. Is this about YouKnowWho?

Eff Millennials: This Generation Is Most Likely to Swear at Work [Bloomberg]



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