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If Calling An Ex-CNBC Colleague An Italian Slang Word For Idiot On Air Is Wrong, Charlie Gasparino Doesn't Wanna Be Right

Sorry not sorry David Faber.
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Source: Fox Business

Source: Fox Business

Earlier today, Fox Business Correspondent Charlie Gasparino took time out of his segment to describe David Faber, one of his ex-colleagues at CNBC, as a "jadrool," which Gasparino says is an Italian slang word for "idiot" (though claims it means "lazy bum.") Gasparino then further insulted Faber by suggesting the CNBC anchor isn't fluent in Italian colloquialisms and had to take the time to Google the term like some kind of chooch.

While being blocked on the social media website by a former co-worker might have upset another financial journalist, for Charlie it's a notch on the old weight lifting belt. In fact, he's pissed he's hasn't been blocked by more of the old crew:

(It's possible Wapner will get to it once his plane lands.)

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