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Chartered Financial Risk Engineer™

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The New York Institute of Finance has trained leaders in financial markets since 1922. The Institute reaches 35,000 students in 120 countries each year with its financial training programs. Our alumni (which includes luminaries such as Warren Buffet) move and shape markets, holding key positions in the largest financial institutions across the world. We recently launched the Chartered Financial Risk Engineer™ (CFRE™) professional qualification. The CFRE™ is a radically innovative program that offers unparalleled hands-on instruction to develop the essential desk ready skills that every financial risk manager or risk quant needs.


What The CFRE Offers:

The CFRE™ curriculum is on the cutting edge of the practice and theory of financial risk management, the fastest growing area of employment in finance.

CFRE™ candidates will develop abilities that combine over 140 skills including programming, modeling, securities analysis and valuation, and risk management. The program develops practical skills that simply cannot be acquired by completing traditional examination based programs.

How & Where You Study:

The CFRE™ is completed via intense week-long boot camps offered both online and in-person. Although we recommend attending classes in-person wherever possible, students have the ability to take up to 90% of the program by distance learning in a live-streaming format. All candidates will have access to full audio / video recordings of every training session. For the first time ever, you now have the choice to obtain a high level qualification and the critical skills needed to jumps start your future in financial risk management without leaving the workforce for extended periods of time.

When Does The Program Start?

The Chartered Financial Risk Engineer™ program is a culmination of the New York Institute of Finance’s hard work to perfect skills-based finance training. We will admit the first cohort of candidates in April 2017. Candidates will complete 8 week-long boot camps (modules) over a ten-month period. An examination and an assignment must be completed within 6 weeks of the conclusion of each module.

Is The CFRE™ Right For You?

If you have a passion for quantitative analysis, programming and financial risk management, the CFRE™ designation can set you apart.

The program provides a clear path to career advancement in the growing field of risk management. The skills obtained in the CFRE™ program can be applied in a multitude of roles other than risk management, including financial modeling and analysis, valuation, model validation and compliance.


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