Citi's Chief Investment Banker Congratulates Team With Super Peppy "We're #3!" Email

In the House of Corbat, this is called swagger.

Listen, Citi is not the kind of place that brooks braggarts or fools.


The House of Corbat is a bank for the understated financier. A den of restrained wealth acquisition and management. A respite from the emotionally violent and ur-competitive battlefield that is modern Wall Street.

Citi is a place where a man can be content with what he has. Even in this landscape of suddenly exploding M&A activity. Just ask Citi's global head of corporate and investment banking, Ray McGuire. According to Business Insider, McGuire was so pleased by how things are going in his division over the last few days that he wanted the troops to know it, so he sent an email:

"Merger Monday is alive and well! Thanks to the partnership between Coverage and M&A and the hard work and perseverance of deal teams across the globe, our transactions are the ones that headlined the world's financial publications today.
"It wasn't just an impressive Monday morning or weekend, it has been a strong week. Citi advised on 10 transactions of roughly $1B or more, only the 3rd time in our history that we've announced so many in such a short timeframe.

Citi was part of a lot of big things. McGuire even laid out in his memo that CitiGroupies should be pumped about taking part in AT&T/TimeWarner, TD Ameridtrade/Scottrade, and China OceanwideGenworth. In fact, while looking back beyond just this week, McGuire saw an even cooler thing to gloat about:

While this was a great week our momentum has been on the rise for a few months now. Since August 1, we are the #3 global M&A advisor with a 26% volume share.

#3! Damn, try not to look too conceited, Citi M&A team.

Never you mind that bragging about coming in third is the kind of thing that gets you fired at Goldman or excommunicated from Jamie's inner circle at JPM, this is Citi, where a third place is a Gentleman's gold.

Huzzah! Onward!

Here's the memo Citi's investment banking head just sent his team to say congratulations [BI]