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President Trump Doesn't Not Have Ties To An Iranian Bank

Could have been worse, Trump could have been caught leasing space to Wells Fargo.

Donald Trump's relationship with banks have historically taken a mostly one-sided narrative: Trump takes large loans from them, loses the money and then somehow agrees to pat back pennies on the dollar or more often, not at all.


But apparently one bank sees Trump in a different way. This bank sees The Donald as a kindly landlord wiling to overlook a few Treasury Department anti-terrorism rules in exchange for paying its rent on time. Meet Iranian-based Bank Melli:

Donald Trump’s real estate empire rented New York office space to an Iranian bank with links to terror and the theocracy’s nuclear program, according to a published report Monday.
The Trump Organization purchased the General Motors Building on Fifth Avenue in 1998 and inherited Bank Melli as a tenant, according to documents reviewed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and the Center for Public Integrity.

Okay, some of you "undecideds" are more than likely saying "He inherited the tenant, let's not carried away, bro" and that would be true if...

Bank Melli remained a Trump tenant until 2003 — four years after the US Treasury Department labeled it an organ of Tehran.

But maybe the State Department was just being xenophobic? Maybe the Trump Org. did their due diligence and realized that it wasn't fair to discriminate against Bank Melli just because it's HQ is in Tehran? [Ed note: Bwahahahahaha]

The US has accused Bank Melli of helping gain sensitive material for nukes in the country and sneaking money to Iran’s terror-linked Revolutionary Guard.

Doing direct business with bank that has essentially been marked as tool of state-sponsored terror would not be a great look for anybody, but it's especially problematic for a candidate that has screamed for over a year about tough he is on "bad guys." That said, we're sure the Trump campaign has a well-reasoned response to this deeply uncomfortable revelation...

“Mr. Trump’s sole focus is and will be on making our country great again,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said. “He has already committed to putting his assets in a blind trust and will have no involvement whatsoever in the Trump Organization.”

Hmm. We would have gone with "At least it wasn't Wells Fargo."

Trump allegedly rented space to Iranian bank with terror ties [NY Post]



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