I Hired Bess Levin, And I Pretty Much Stand By That Decision

A farewell to Bess from the man that hired her.

This is Bess Levin's last week at The House that Bess Built, so we are turning it into a tribute site for the next few days with some "Best Of Bess" and a few guest posts from Dealbreaker friends and family.

- TM

I'd say that I'll miss working with Bess but we haven't worked together in almost four years. And four years ago is probably the last time I read Dealbreaker.

Bess' departure has absolutely zero effect on my life.

Still, Dealbreaker without Bess is like an apple without a worm. Sure, the apple may taste better and be less gross sans worm. But when I look at the cover of my kid’s homework workbook there’s a picture of an apple with a smiling worm sticking his head out— that’s a happy image. So today, let's be happy and only think about the apple-cum-worm; let's reminisce about Dealbreaker-cum-Bess.

My earliest recollection of Bess was when she was our intern and checked in my coat at the 21 Club for the Dealbreaker launch party. She did okay.

Bess's mediocre coatcheck work convinced Elizabeth Spiers (founding editor/publisher of Dealbreaker) and I that Bess was an employee we could count on. Fast forward a few weeks and Elizabeth and I are in a Tribeca tea dive offering Bess a full time gig as a writer/Carney's crutch.

Best of luck with your new role, Bess. If it doesn't work out I'm pretty sure I can find you a coatcheck gig.


David Minkin is the General Manager of Revenue Operations at Dow Jones, a job he attained despite once being the publisher of Breaking Media.