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Hillary Clinton Doesn't Care About Bank People, Says Jamie Dimon

The Khaleesi of Wall Street is back!

By now, this bloody shart of an election has ensnared almost everyone. The divisiveness of our collective disappointment has drawn a very real dividing line through the American psyche.

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In fact, think of someone that hasn't made it clear that they are firmly on one side or the other of this political carnival... Don't have one? We'll lend you ours, his name rhymes with "Bamie Bimon."

Sure, Jamie is a Democrat ("Barely" sayeth the man himself) who has maybe taken a veiled shot or few at Trump, but he's been firmly cool and collected so far this cycle. Which must have been pretty hard considering that Jamie is the self-appointed defender of Wall Street during the most uniformly flippant anti-Wall Street election in history. For the banking industry's most pugnacious knight to stay calm while all the candidates have hammered away on the industry that he holds so dear...well, that has to have been rough on Jamie.

And then...Wells Fargo goes and loses its mind giving every "populist" politician in the nation a meaty new target to fire at while tilting agains the Wall Street windmill. Like Hillary Clinton, who said this on Monday:

"It’s outrageous that eight years after a cowboy culture on Wall Street wrecked our economy, we’re still seeing powerful bankers playing fast and loose with the law," she said. "We are not going to let corporations like Wells Fargo use these fine-print gotchas to escape corporate responsibility." 

Well, that might have just done it for the Khaleesi of Wall Street. Sure, John Stumpf's ongoing cavalcade of f@ck-ups has made Jamie the CEO of America's largest bank, and sure, Wells has dropped public trust in SIFIs to 2008 levels, but Stumpfy is a bro and Jamie Dimon just can't let this "Cowboy culture" shit go unanswered anymore.

Jamie has been pretty cordial with the former U.S. Senator from New York for awhile now, but all this new anti-bank talk has Jamie thinking about donating Hillary a big pile of STFU.

So, Jamie did a phoner with CNBC later in the day and dropped this nugget on Hillary:

When people blanket a whole class of people by making statements I think it is unfair to everybody. I can do the same thing about media or politicians or lawyers. They are never accurate. This business is full of high quality, qualified, talented, ethical people smart and ethical as you’ll find in institutions almost anywhere. So I wish people would stop doing that - people broke the law and they should be punished but let’s take a deep breath. And you all in the press don’t have to fuel it all the time by just adding to it and oversimplifying it.

Boom. Jamie has HAD IT with this shit. He might hate Trump with the type of disgust that one man from Queens has for another, but Jamie will NOT anymore. Hillary better get Stumpfy's name out her mouth, the same goes for Lloyd and Moynihan. Corbat? Well, go ahead and shit all over Corbat, no one knows who you're talking about anyway.

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