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Donald Trump's "Business Acumen" Might Be Rubbing Off On John Paulson

We're not even sure if this counts as schadenfreude anymore.

Looks like somebody might want to spend less time advising a certain inadvisable presidential candidate and more time tending to his investments...


John Paulson is suffering deepening losses in two of his hedge funds, a sign that the positive turnaround in performance seen by several managers this year may be out of reach for the billionaire.
Paulson & Co.’s Advantage fund, which wagers on companies going through corporate events including spinoffs and bankruptcies, fell 2.8 percent last month, bringing this year’s losses to 18.5 percent, according to people with knowledge of the matter. His merger fund, Paulson Partners, slid 4.5 percent in September, extending losses for 2016 to 22.3 percent, said the people, who declined to be named because the information is private.

That's really losing money, big time losing of money. Bigly. Hard to believe that this guy was allowed to ask a business genius like Donald Trump questions about financial policy at that fake fireside chat. Not that Trump didn't see this coming what with Paulson having lost The Donald so much money.

Bloomberg also notes that while hedge funds are having a generally shitty 2016, Paulson's preferred investment neighborhoods of M&A and event-driven have been feeling rather dope the last nine months, averaging returns of 2.2% and 6.8%. For a guy who's supposed to be the King of these strategies, it's pretty bleak to see the type of results that might or might not be referred to as "Loser-ish."

But to be fair, Paulson has a proven track record so one shouldn't count him out just yet. He might just end up as Treasury Secretary...

Three out of Paulson’s four biggest positions in U.S. equities as of the second quarter lost money last month, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. As of June 30, he held a 4 percent stake in drugmaker Mylan NV, which slumped 10 percent in September.

But probably not.

Paulson's 2016 Loss Mounts With Advantage Fund Down 18.5% [Bloomberg]



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