Jamie Dimon Doesn't Want His Bankers Reading The Notoriously Foul-Mouthed And Snarky Financial Times

So JPM is doing to the FT what BofA did to Dealbreaker? Cool, cool, cool.

According to a report in Bloomberg, JPMorgan has blocked employee access to The Financial Times.


Now, we didn't read the whole thing, but judging from personal experience we're going to go ahead and assume that Jamie Dimon and his top guys decided that they were sick and tired of reading negative, snarky, expletive-laden stories about themselves and their bank in the tangerine pages of the FT.

They were simply fed up with the FT making fun of their perpetually bad results, the bank's endless layoffs, the sad-sack CEO, and JPMorgan's inability to get out from under its ill-conceived acquisition of Countrywide.

So, yeah, Dealbreaker is still blocked at BofA.

But what's JPMorgan's excuse?

JPMorgan Chase & Co. blocked employees from using the Financial Times website over concerns some may have breached copyright rules by copying and pasting its content, according to people familiar with the matter.
JPMorgan prevented access to the newspaper’s site because it didn’t want the FT to get the impression that it was encouraging copyright abuse on an institutional scale, according to the people, who asked not to be identified discussing a private matter.

Wow...so our theory actually makes more sense? That's crazy.

JPMorgan Said to Block FT Site on Concern Over Shared Content [Bloomberg]