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Ken Griffin May Or May Not Have Inspired A New Song About The Sugar Daddy Lifestyle

If you've ever wanted to hear a song written by a quant about transactional billionaire're sick in the head dude.

Whenever the opportunity arises, we here at Dealbraker dot Com like to offer some music on Friday afternoons. The working week is a slog, and nothing eases you into the weekend like some sweet tunes.


Our selection this week comes from our buds over at The Business Insider, who recently discovered the hottest new musical talent in asset management:

Pete Muller, who runs $5 billion quant hedge fund firm PDT Partners performed with his band on Thursday evening for a New York charity event.

A quant jamming out? Sounds AWESOME, right? Well, wait until you hear where Muller finds his inspiration...

Muller, a quirky math whiz who is married with two kids, told the crowd he found inspiration for the song after a run-in with a recently divorced hedge fund billionnaire [sic].

Hmm, you can think of one very recently, very divorced billionaire fund manager, right?

Muller said he had been in one of his favorite New York sushi restaurants when in walked a billionaire by the name of Ken – presumably Citadel's Ken Griffin, but Muller won't say.

A song (maybe probably) about Ken Griffin? We'll forgive you if you don't want to hear a power ballad about Chicago real estate, but hear us out...

Muller asked Ken how the new dating life was going, to which Ken responded: "I want their body, they like my money." And so it works out.

Yup. We told you this was gonna pay off...

Muller and one of his female singers then broke out into an upbeat duet.
"You want my body / she wants my money... maybe we can find love," the two sang. "I know you've been looking for some real satisfaction/ It could be a mutually beneficial transaction / Why don't we solidify our animal attraction?/ Come on baby, let's do this trade."

We high recommend clicking through the link at the bottom to see video of the song. Should Ken be offended by any insinuations made in the lyrics of the song, he will be downright furious about the melody.

A hedge funder wrote a song about what it's like to be a divorced billionaire back on the dating scene [BI]



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