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Private Equity Chief Wants To Be Addressed As "Main Street Job Creator" Now

That's Ms. Main Street Job Creator to you!
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There are a lot of nicknames Patriarch Partners chief Lynn Tilton, who "can't stop suing the SEC," could go by. Lady of Lawsuits. Diva of Distressed. Countess of Corporate Loans. Noblewoman of Negligees. Baroness of Body Shots. Mistress of Mini-Mini-Mini-Miniskirts. Fur Coat Femme Fetale. But moving forward, there's only one she'll answer to:

Given the failure of Tilton’s first suit against the SEC, odds are that her second one won’t fare much better. Certainly, she’s not going to have any luck stopping the agency proceeding against her before it begins on Oct. 24 in New York...But none of that seems to bother Tilton. “This is a story where so many lives have been touched,” she says of her career, which she frames as a mission to save American jobs from migrating overseas or disappearing altogether. “I resent being called a Wall Street fee-taker when I truly think I'm a Main Street job creator.”

Lynn Tilton Just Can’t Stop Suing the SEC [Bloomberg]

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