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Running 70 Miles A Day For 42+ Days Less Excruciating Than Being A Financial Analyst

Pete Kostelnick knows what we're talking about.
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To be fair, Pete Kostelnick's personal challenge to beat a 1980 record for running from the West Coast to the East probably had more to do with the fact that he took up ultra-distance running a few years ago and this was kind of like his Everest. But maybe it also had a little bit to do with such an extreme physical test seeming like a 2-mile warm-up jog compared to the hell of staring at Excel spreadsheets all day?

After 42 days, 8 hours, and 34 minutes, the 29-year-old financial analyst from Nebraska arrived late Monday afternoon at New York City Hall in lower Manhattan, breaking the record for running coast-to-coast. “I’m not running back,” Mr. Kostelnick said on the steps of City Hall, wrapping his wife in a bear hug and an American flag...Mr. Kostelnick began his 3,100-mile run on Sept. 12 in San Francisco. He clocked about 70 miles a day, beginning at 4 each morning.

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