Running 70 Miles A Day For 42+ Days Less Excruciating Than Being A Financial Analyst

Pete Kostelnick knows what we're talking about.
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To be fair, Pete Kostelnick's personal challenge to beat a 1980 record for running from the West Coast to the East probably had more to do with the fact that he took up ultra-distance running a few years ago and this was kind of like his Everest. But maybe it also had a little bit to do with such an extreme physical test seeming like a 2-mile warm-up jog compared to the hell of staring at Excel spreadsheets all day?

After 42 days, 8 hours, and 34 minutes, the 29-year-old financial analyst from Nebraska arrived late Monday afternoon at New York City Hall in lower Manhattan, breaking the record for running coast-to-coast. “I’m not running back,” Mr. Kostelnick said on the steps of City Hall, wrapping his wife in a bear hug and an American flag...Mr. Kostelnick began his 3,100-mile run on Sept. 12 in San Francisco. He clocked about 70 miles a day, beginning at 4 each morning.

Nebraskan Sets Coast-to-Coast Mark [WSJ]


First Year Bank Analysts Who Thought They'd Be Running The Show 6 Months In Are Angry

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New JPMorgan CIO Doesn't Get Out Of Bed For Less Than A Great Depression-Level Financial Catastrophe

Earlier today, it was announced that Matt Zames had been named JPMorgan's new Chief Investment Officer, to replace Ina Drew, the woman who supervised the trader responsible for the firm's whale of a loss and was dismissed over the weekend. Previously, Zames served as the firm's head of fixed income and while he may be happy to be seen by senior management as a guy capable of putting out at a fire, based on his experience, is probably at least a little bit underwhelmed by the task. From Kate Kelly's Street Fighters: Matt Zames had been down this road before. He had started his career at Long-Term Capital Management in the winter of 1994, shortly after college. There he witnessed firsthand what could happen when a bunch of shortsighted executives didn't manage their risk properly...By the time he reached the sixth floor it was after midnight. His team was huddled with a group of Bear managers in one of the conference rooms. Zames had one question for the Bear team: How much cash and collateral did it have on hand?...Zames shook his head. "This isn't going to be necessary," he told them. "This whole thing is fucked." Guy had a front-row seat for LTCM and Bear's implosion and now he's being asked to do what, exactly? Clean up a minor mess at a *solvent* bank? It's almost a little insulting, actually. Call him when you've got SOMETHING REAL. JPMorgan Says Ina Drew to Retire, Replaced by Zames as CIO [Bloomberg]