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This Bag Says "I've Been Outdoors In The Last Few Days"

Get you a bag that can do both.
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With autumn here, you will undoubtedly start to fell pressure to engage with the outdoors. Whether it be your annoying crunchy friends, a significant other who "likes to hike" or maybe even yourself (in which case, lame), you're more than likely going to have to saw through the chain keeping you at your desk and, like, go look at a tree.
But you're a busy person and this little fall excursion will probably take you from your office to the woods and back, so get you a bag that can do both!

This hot little item is hip enough to hang on your faux Eames chair and durable enough to sit on a pile of damp leaves. It also has a sleeve for your laptop(s) and pockets for your smartphone, knit hat, and weed.

Happy Fall!



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