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Marc Benioff Will Not Be Allowed To Rescue Twitter After All

Sorry, Jack, Big Marc ain't walking through that door.

Looks like Jack Dorsey can stop looking at Twitter's myriad crises and thinking "This is all about to be Benioff's problem."


The boss of has ruled out his company as a bidder for Twitter, all but bringing an end to attempts to find a buyer for the struggling internet company.
The US cloud software company had been left as the most likely bidder last week, after other potential acquirers, including Google and Walt Disney, decided not to pursue a deal.

Twitter's last suitor/potential savior has turned heel, and the house that Jack built (then left, then returned to save) is now on the verge of collapse. TWTR's stock fell off the table in late-day trading. #RoughWeekend.

Happy Friday!

Twitter suitors vanish as Salesforce rules out bid [FT]



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