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WikiLeaks Proves Hillary Clinton Ruled Out Burning Jamie Dimon Alive Back In Early 2015

You can breathe a sigh of relief, J-Dimez.

Because Dealbreaker Dot Com is not part of the Lamestream Media, we do Wikileaks!


And when you do WikiLeaks, you find some pretty great stuff. For instance, it's a wonderful place to go shopping if you're in the market for preciously outdated gems of private chatter from Clinton campaign executives about how to position HRC's stance on Wall Street.

Like this one from campaign spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri to chairman John Podesta from January, 2015 in which she lays out the early case for "Why Hillary."

America is back. We have recovered from the worst of the Great Recession and ready to tackle the remaining big challenge - restoring opportunity and economic growth to the middle class.
Hillary Clinton is the person for the job. The Clintons know how to make the economy work for the middle class, not just the wealthy.
Turning the ship around for the middle class won't be easy, some of the problems are decades In the making, result of global trends. It will require someone who not only knows how to harness the best of America and all her strengths and make the economy work for everyone, but is indefatigable enough to stick with it, get up every day fighting, and do the hard work to finish the job. Hillary is that person.

Strong and optimistic! But what about when everyone reminds everyone that Hillary is the Mistress of Wall Street and responsible for everything that is wrong with the middle class?

Palmieri had that covered:

Knowing she will be hit from left in the primary (and maybe the general depending on who R candidate is) for privileged, sheltered life; Wall Street ties; rich doing well under WJC; etc, don't try to make her a big populist.

They did not see Bernie coming back in the early days of 2015, it seems, because Palmieri would have kept her options open on the whole populist thing. If they'd known what was about to come at them from the bitter socialist woods of Vermont, it stands to reason that Palmieri would have at least tabled the idea of marching a naked Lloyd Blankfein in shame down Maiden Lane...Or creating a regulation that forced Brian Moynihian to do a season on Dancing with the Stars... Or making John Stumpf literally go play in traffic. But this is Team Hillary you guys, so none of that was ever going to happen...

The middle class should vote for her because what they ultimately need is someone who can get the job done, not burn Jamie Dimon at the stake. 

Oooh, good one.


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