Allow Warren Buffett To Regale You With His Quaintly Lewd Stories On The Way To The Polls

Hillary's favorite billionaire got out the vote, big-time.
Source: AP

Source: AP

It’s something of a longshot, but Warren Buffett’s home congressional district—Nebraska’s second—could buck the rest of that very red state, make like 2008 and award its electoral vote to the Oracle’s preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, tonight. And if it does, she may have old Warren to thank, as he’s set his on making greater Omaha the voter-turnout-increase capital of America. By which we mean, he’s keeping his promise to drive you to the polls, albeit not in the back seat of a certain Cadillac. And he won’t be stumping for Hills on his old-timey transport, which should leave plenty of time for salty stories.

A few voters had the chance to ride the trolley, which collected Buffett and a small group of family and friends at his home about 8 a.m. The first stop was just down the street at Buffett’s own polling place, Lifegate Church, where he chatted with fellow voters standing in the relatively short lines before casting his ballot….

The trolley then headed to South Omaha, where Buffett fired up Drive 2 Vote volunteers and the trolley picked up a few voters, including the Cruzes.

As Pedro Cruz posed for a photo with Buffett, he apologized that his English isn’t better.

“That’s OK,” Buffett replied. “My hearing’s bad, so we make a perfect couple.”

Warren Buffett cruises Omaha in Ollie the Trolley; everybody will ‘have a way to get to the polls,’ he says [Omaha World-Herald]