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Bridgewater Keeps Terms Of NLRB Settlement Sealed Because Ray Dalio Apparently Doesn't Understand Irony

You really tee'd this one up for us, Ray.
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It looks like Bridgewater is finally going to put that whole "We videotaped employee sexual harassment complaints, pressured said employess and created a "cauldron of fear" culture, but - like- so what?" thing behind it.

According to DealBook, the most radically transparent financial firm in the history of the world has settled with the National Relations Board on an agreement that makes it way more clear that employees of the fund have - like - rights. And since it's Bridgewater, we're sure they'll be super open and honest about what that agreement looks like...

Details of the final agreement are being kept confidential at the request of Bridgewater, whose founder, Ray Dalio, promotes its atypical culture and practice of “radical transparency” when it comes to airing grievances internally.
The agreement stems from an action brought by the labor board this year challenging some confidentiality provisions in the contracts that Bridgewater requires each of its more than 1,500 full-time employees to sign.

If the woods of Westport catch fire tomorrow, Ray Dalio can only blame himself for so openly taunting the Gods of Irony.

Bridgewater Settlement with Labor Board on Worker Rights Stays Secret [DealBook]


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