Dear God, It's Mnuchin

So much for #DraftDimon.

It's looking like Trump's choice for Treasury secretary will be Goldman Sachs alum, former George Soros associate, hedge funder and Hollywood movie producer Steven Terner Mnuchin. Blah blah drain the swamp.


That's according to the New York Times, which cites “sources close to the transition” in reporting that the decision is expected as soon as Wednesday. Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt confirmed the choice.

If so, that ends Dealbreaker's own heroic #DraftDimon campaign to bring aboard the JPMorgan CEO, who was rumored to have been in the running. Instead, we'll get the former Clinton donor and producer of films like “Mad Max” and “Avatar” as the guy overseeing the nation's banks. He also served as the Trump campaign's finance chairman.

Pour one out for Lloyd Blankfein, who was partial to Dimon for Treasury, and another for the memory of Ayn Rand, whose disciple John Allison evidently didn't please the Donald enough. And don't forget the rest of the names floated for the job: Carl Icahn, Gerry Parksy, Henry Kravis, and so many others.

Seventy-nine-year-old private equity veteran Wilbur Ross will be Secretary of Commerce, CNBC has reported.