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Dystopian Trump Portfolio Taking Shape Nicely

Weapons manufacturers and private prisons are loving this whole Trump thing today.
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As we noted over the summer, assembling a portfolio of stocks for a Trump win means painting a pretty bleak picture of the Trump economy: Weapons, concrete, private prisons, price-gouging pharmaceutical giants. Robocop would feel at home here.

Trump.Burning Money

Well, Trump won and now those stocks are surging. Private prison operators Corrections Corporation of America and the Geo Group saw their shares surge 41 percent and 17 percent, respectively. Not only are Trump’s proposed deportation policies expected to fuel private prison use, but a Republican administration is seen as likely to rescind the Department of Justice’s recent decision to phase out contracts with private prison operators.

Corrections Corporation of America stock price

Corrections Corporation of America stock price

Pharmaceutical companies, which Hillary Clinton had promised to discipline, are among the biggest gainers Wednesday. Among the big winners: Endo International (up 11 percent), Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (also up 11 percent) and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (up 9 percent).

And let’s not forget the military-industrial complex. Despite Trump’s vague overtures to pacifism, it’s hard to imagine the guy keeping his finger off the trigger for long. Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin gained 5 percent each; Raytheon was up 7 percent.

One sleeper pick has turned out to be Navient, the embattled student loan collector, which rose 16 percent in a.m. trading Wednesday. Clinton had lambasted the company for “doing some really terrible things,” among them misleading borrowers about their repayment options and steering them away from debt forgiveness. Investors apparently aren’t worried about Trump, self-proclaimed “king of debt,” taking any serious action against the company.

There you have it: the stock portfolio for a brave new America.



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