Exhibit 2,564 That This Election Has Scrambled America’s Brains: Financial Markets Trading On Data From Slate.com

Just after they're done reading Dear Prudie's advice on how to make sure your cat isn't racist.

In further evidence that Trump v. Clinton has made lunatics of us all, it appears that the rational actors in our vaunted financial markets are checking Slate dot com in order to inform their trading during election day.


To blame: Slate’s controversial partnership with VoteCastr, a data startup that claims to use “proprietary precinct, county, and statewide database models to generate minute-by-minute projected outcomes” for the presidential election in swing states including Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Slate’s projections went live at 11 a.m., with projections that showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by a significant margin in Florida. Within minutes, the S&P 500 – already trading positively in cautious anticipation of a Clinton win – shot up half a point. The peso experienced a similar 11 a.m. leap.

Quotes courtesy Bloomberg

(Quotes courtesy Bloomberg)

This is somewhat circumstantial. But the chatter on financial twitter does seem to suggest that Wall Street, perhaps for the first time in recorded history, is using Slate not just to read up on what to do when your aunt sees a dick-pic on your phone or whether to wear a belt while getting a lap dance – but to trade.