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Not Even The Coming End Of Days Will Stop Elon Musk From Acquiring Stuff

Don't look now but Elon is buying stuff...seriously, don't look.

Q: You know what Elon Musk calls watching the Western World stop and hold its collective breath in anticipation of learning whether or not the global economy's hegemonic superpower has lost its damn mind?


A: An opportunity!

Tesla has agreed to acquire Grohmann Engineering, a German firm that specializes in automated manufacturing. Founder Klaus Grohmann will also be joining Tesla and will head a new division within the automaker called Tesla Advanced Automation Germany.

While all you plebes were worried about "America" or whatever, The Future King of Mars was busy buying himself a sweet little German automation company. And for an explanation as to why this deal is happening, we'll just let you read Elon explain it in the Elon-iest way imaginable...

“Because automation is such a vital part of the future of Tesla, the phrase I’ve used before is that it’s about building the machine that’s building the machine,” said Musk on a call with journalists this morning. “That actually becomes more important than the machine itself as the volume increases. We think it’s important to bring in world-class engineering talent and our first choice was Grohmann.”

See? Grohmann will build the machines that build the machines...lest there be ghost in the which case the whole deal becomes a referendum on SpaceX.

But Elon also said something that might have sounded like a throwaway to some but is clearly a shot across the bow to some unhappy Tesla shareholders...

This is the first “significant” acquisition in Tesla’s history, said Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The key word here being "first." Sounds like Grohmann better start studying how to build solar panels.

Tesla acquires a German automation company to accelerate vehicle production [The Verge]


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