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A Love Letter To Bess From Charlie Gasparino

It was always going to come to this.

This is Bess Levin’s last week at The House that Bess Built, so we are turning it into a tribute site for the next few days with some “Best Of Bess” and a few guest posts from Dealbreaker friends and family. And now, Charlie Gasparino...really.


– TM

I knew that I made it in journalism when I got on Bess Levin’s radar screen at Dealbreaker and she wrote some of the greatest journalism to have ever graced the website, such as my love of Italian deli meats (sopressata in particular), my unquenchable thirst for Vodka (Ketel One is my drink of choice before I come to work) and that I’m a weight-lifting meat head (also, I like to do one-armed pushups between breaking news segments).

Then she broke YUUUUGE news that I wear a fanny pack at the gym, and to top it all off, she came back with an insider’s account on how I love the midget-S&M sex scenes on the Showtime original series “Billions,” even if I would prefer to see Andrew Ross Sorkin, rather than Paul Giamatti, getting the royal treatment.

I’m sure there are many, many more items I’m missing out, but please Bess don’t take offense; just accept my most humble thanks for putting me on the map in our great profession and one more thing: Admit it, I was your muse!

With love and respect,
Charlie Gasparino

Charles Gasparino is a Senior Correspondent at FOX Business Network and Dealbreaker's favorite TV personality of all-time.



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