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Hedge Fund Boy Wonder Jacob Wohl Is Going To Stop The Recount...With A GoFundMe Campaign

Everyone's favorite teenage money manager wants you to celebrate #GivingTuesday with him.

As you may have heard, former Green Party presidential candidate and forever pain-in-the-ass Dr. Jill Stein is moving forward with her plan to get a recount in Wisconsin, a plan that now has what appears to be the grudging support of the Clinton campaign.


But the idea of putting any hitch in the giddy-up of MAGA-ing is not sitting well with Trump supporters. And perhaps emboldened by the tweets of their leader, some are apparently taking it upon themselves to get into this Republic-threatening morass and be the change they want to see in the world. And one person in particular is rolling up his sleeves and asking for money to fight The Stein.

You guys remember our favorite teenage futures trader Jacob Wohl, right? Well it turns out that there is one thing Jacob hates even more than cargo shorts: Jill Stein.

We'll let Master Wohl explain in his own words:

We are going to raise $500,000 to get on the ground and work to ensure the integrity of the election process.
Jill Stein has worked with the Crooked Clinton Campaign to organize recount efforts across the country in order to challenge the election. This must be stopped!
We know that the Clintons have a reputation for attempting to steal elections, and this is a prime opportunity for them to do it again. We will stop them and make sure than Donald J. Trump's innauguration [sic] on January 20, 2017 goes down without a hitch.

This is from a GoFundMe page that Jacob set up over the weekend with the goal of crowdfunding a campaign to defeat Stein's crowdfunded campaign. But here's the rub: while fighting fire with fire is the prerogative of political types and teenage boys everywhere, Stein has already been called into question for the legality of crowdfunding this operation, and some have even gone as far as to call her campaign a scam. Some of them being literally Jacob Wohl:

Wohl has seemingly taken pains on the GoFundMe page to lay out in three bullets where the money will go - a smart and responsible decision - but we wondered why the CEO of Montgomery Assets would be using internet crowdfunding a la Stein when he could probably just use his own wealth to fund this recount stoppage, or at least match donations on the GoFundMe page. Either would be helpful considering that at the time of publishing, the campaign has raised $100 from one donor.

We reached out to Wohl via email with these questions but he declined to discuss the anti-recount campaign. What Wohl did want to talk about was his new role as campaign manager for Diane "Pinky" Harman who is seeking to become mayor of Los Angeles.

Harman is a 65-year-old former schoolteacher who is seeking to "Make LA Great Again." While we don't closely follow SoCal politics, what we know about Pinky makes us feel great about her candidacy. This video being literally almost all we know:

So, whether you want to give Jacob Wohl money to stop Jill Stein or to make Pinky the Mayor of LA, just remember that today is #GivingTuesday.


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