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Future Treasury Secretary Jamie Dimon Has Donald Trump Right Where He Wants Him

"Trump doesn't respect Dimon" is the new version of "Water not wet."

Here's the thing about movements; They never die.


So while things are reportedly looking bleak for the philosopher warriors in the #DraftDimon movement, we will not despair. For there is but one truth in the universe, and that truth will never be snuffed matter how much CNBC tries to rain on our parade:

It's probably safe to say that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon won't be the treasury secretary after all.

Wow...that's cold. Even for the operation that employs Joe Kernen.

What's their evidence for this horrible statement?

CNBC reported on Nov. 10 that advisers close to Trump were suggesting Dimon for the vital Cabinet role.
However, a source speaking to NBC News said a Dimon appointment is not going to happen.
In fact, Trump "doesn't respect" Dimon, the source said, adding that the bank chief "was never under consideration" for the appointment and was not on "any Trump-approved list."

Hmm, that's a weird thing to say. Considering that Trump's thirst for J-Dimez is pretty much an open secret. In fact, remember when PEOTUS tweeted this a few years ago:

And this:

And the phrasing of "Doesn't respect" is so perfectly Trumpian that it feels like inevitable ending of the whole "Jamie wants this job so hard but we're not sure" tactic the transition team used last week (it was also used on Henry Kravis, which we're still laughing about). The whole thing is bananas. It's like Jamie is the hottest, smartest cheerleader in high school that the bizarrely popular new transfer student fixates upon immediately after enrolling and seeing her at football practice. After telling some of the other guys that he's going to pin her and cement his social status because she's obviously into him, the new guy is rebuffed and then tells everyone that she's a slut and he could never, bro. Trump's crush on Jamie is old and deep. He defended him during the London Whale fiasco, something we know because he did it ON CNBC when it happened (he also used part of that 2012 segment to suggest that Mark Zuckerberg holler "Me want pre-nup!" but we digress). The Donald has been a not-so-secret fanboy of Jamie Dimon for years, which is fascinating considering that JPM has stayed away from lending Trump money. But they are both from Queens and Jamie is the kind of outer-borough self-made dealmaking business titan that Trump fancies himself to be. What we're saying is, if Jamie walked over to Trump Tower right now and said, "Okay, I'll run Treasury" Trump would sigh with relief and say "Fantastic, this is a huge relief, I respect you so much and can't wait to show you off at Prom." Trump 'doesn't respect' Jamie Dimon, not considering him for Treasury, source says [CNBC]



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