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Jamie Dimon Pretty Confident That Disturbingly Fractured America Will Still Use Chase ATMs

In memo to staff, JD offers broad strokes about how to bank a dystopia.

Despite once admitting that he's a Democrat but like "barely," The Khaleesi of Wall Street played the 2016 election down the middle, offering critiques of both candidates while making it somewhat clear that he was more than a little discomfited by the unknown of a Donald Trump presidency.


But with the election of Trump now an actual reality, flummoxed business elites (ie smart and successful financial executives) like J-Dimez are trying to envision what the future of America looks like, and how to operate a massive bank in that nativist dystopia new reality. For now, Jamie can only address the troops and let them know that things alwats look darkest before the dawn...

We are going through a period of profound political and economic change around the world, and American citizens showed that deep desire for change in voting to elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. We have heard through democratic processes in both Europe and the United States the frustration that so many people have with the lack of economic opportunity and the challenges they face. We need to listen to those voices.

America's most powerful banker will recognize Trump as president, but that doesn't necessarily mean has to go along with all the other shit...

We have just been through one of the most contentious elections in memory, which can make it even harder to put our differences aside. But that makes it more important than ever to bind the wounds of our nation and to bring together Americans from all walks of life. Recognizing that our diversity is a core strength of our nation, we must all come together as fellow patriots to solve our most serious challenges… America is best when we come together with clear leadership, expertise and the political will to take on difficult challenges and get things done. No one should ever doubt the strength and resilience of our country and our democracy.

And absolutely no one - not even the barely elected new leader of the free world - should underestimate the wily power player extraordinaire that is Jamie Dimon.

Don't sleep on JD.

Jamie Dimon just sent this memo to his staff about Donald Trump's victory [CNBC]



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