YouTube Star/Former Bank Intern Is Ready To Manage Assets

Jess Greenberg to Winton!

Nothing can stop the career of uber-finance intern and YouTube sensation Jess Greenberg.

You think Brexit was going to throw an ample bump in the road to success being traveled by a Briton who has done stints at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Bank of America Merrill Lynch? Think again, mate!

You think Donald Trump becoming leader of the free world is going to deflate the career prospects of a woman that can cover Hendrix like this?...

In fact, things are going so well for Greenberg that her YouTube channel now has 1.2 million subscribers which makes her way two too famous for mere banking. With a resume like hers, you are almost certain to pique the interest of the "2 & 20" crowd:

According to Greenberg’s public profile, she joined Winton as an analyst in October 2016. Winton insiders say she’s working with the head of Middle East Business Development and Investor Solutions.

And why not? We dare you to watch a few more of Ms. Greenberg's videos and not have the words "systemic" and "macro" pop into your head.

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