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John Cryan’s Diligent Search For Fault At Deutsche Bank Still Coming Up ‘Not Ours’

Cryin. Cryan. Cryyyyyin, over youuuu.
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The Deutsche Bank CEO wants to make one thing perfectly clear: The nearly countless issues besetting the bank are definitely not its fault. It’s some combination of the U.S. Justice Department, global regulation, rogue employees, the unchangeable nature of time and things left unspecified for the time being. I mean, if the fault was anywhere internally, it might be making bigger changes and its Chairman couldn’t possibly be sticking around for another five years.

Deutsche Bank's supervisory Chairman Paul Achleitner is likely to remain in his position beyond May 2017, when his current term expires, manager magazin reported, citing unnamed shareholder sources.

Deutsche Bank's major shareholders are not actively looking for a successor to Achleitner, who has been chairman since 2012 and who has signalled he would be prepared for a second five-year term, manager magazin added.

Right, so the problem definitely has to be external. And John Cryan has some more blame to spread around beyond the Taunusanlage, specifically to central bankers and their goddamned loosey-goosey monetary policies.

"We have a set of forces operating against the banking system at the moment which militate against its strength and undermine its ability to foster economic growth," Cryan said at a banking conference.

Deutsche Bank CEO says monetary policy working against banks [Reuters]
Deutsche Bank chair Achleitner could get second term-manager magazin [Reuters]


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