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Trump Transition Team Borrowing Steve Cohen's Lawyer For Help With Draining The Swamp

Kevin O'Connor is the Zelig of DC-Wall Street WTF moments.

If you're a presidential transition team predicated on the notion of eradicating special interests from the American body politic and bringing prosperity back to America through a tsunami of populist revolution, why would you not hire the general counsel of a hedge fund run by a man whose name is synonymous with the dark side of finance and power?


Kevin O’Connor, the general counsel for Steven A. Cohen’s investment firm, is overseeing staff picks for the Justice Department as a member of President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team, according to a chart obtained by Bloomberg.

Sure, why not? If you're looking to "Drain the Swamp" and "Make America Great Again," the man who built his career as an SEC staff attorney, then became US Attorney in Connecticut, then US Associate Attorney General, then back to private practice before going to work for the guy whose firm pled guilty to the biggest insider trading charge in Connecticut history, seems like a pretty unimpeachable choice.

O’Connor’s employer, Point72 Asset Management, is the successor to Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors, which was the subject of one of the largest insider trading cases in recent years, though he wasn’t there at the time. A former U.S. attorney for Connecticut who earlier worked for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Enforcement, O’Connor joined Point72 last year. SAC Capital pleaded guilty in 2013 to securities fraud and agreed to pay a record $1.8 billion fine. Earlier this year, Cohen struck a deal with the SEC that would allow him to return to managing money in 2018.

Yeah, remember when Cohen "shocked" us all by somehow getting the Feds to let him manage outside money again? That was O'Connor, so the guy's a hell of a lawyer. O'Connor also spent a few years working with Rudy Guiliani so it stands to reason that a certain wide-eyed, not-racist-at-all, former mayor is very much in the mix to run DoJ under President Trump.

So there you have it, Steve Cohen's lawyer is helping to find a way that makes it look like Trump and his team looked anywhere else before naming one of the least-trusted men in America to keep Americans safe. That's the kind of logic one could drive a Zamboni through.

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