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Spandex-Clad Marc Lasry Exits Comic Geek Closet

Someone is taking this election super-hard.
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Currently running $90,000. source:

Currently running $90,000. source:

Avenue Capital Group founder Marc Lasry is a pretty tight-lipped guy. When I was a young, naïve and fantastically underpaid reporter, I noticed that Avenue had adopted a stretch of the Grand Central Parkway’s Kew Gardens interchange, helping keep one of New York City’s worst traffic bottlenecks slightly less miserable. It struck me that this might make a fun feature. To say that the person I briefly spoke to at Avenue about it disagreed would be a wild understatement.

As such, we don’t know much about Marc. We know he likes poker—especially the illicit kind—loves his daughter and speaks French. We also know that, as a prominent Democrat, longtime Clinton supporter and former employer of the former first daughter, as well as a scorner of all Republicans not named Jeb Bush, these must be pretty wrenching times. And that was before we learned that Lasry was a comic-book nerd par excellence—and is selling off his beloved comic book collection, one so rich in mint-condition rarities as to make Cliff Asness melt with jealousy and angry enough to start throwing people into the sides of vans. At least when he’s not liquidating positions to ensure he winds up with Lasry’s copy of Wonder Woman #1. If you want to make him even angrier, head over to and help bid it up.

“This is a unique opportunity for collectors and investors,” says Stephen Fishler, co-owner of ComicConnect and its sister dealership, Metropolis Collectibles in Manhattan. “There are many significant comic books in the Marc Lasry collection that haven’t been available in years….”

Says Lasry, “I found the world that existed inside the pages of my comics to be a world where even the impossible seemed possible….”

Says Lasry, “It is with great enthusiasm that I open the doors of my own personal Fortress of Solitude and share my collection with my fellow collectors.”

Give it up Marc: Fill out that blank check Cliff sent you, box them all up and ship them to Conyers Farm Drive. It’s easier that way.

Hedge Fund Billionaire To Auction 1,251 Comic Book Collection [Broadway World]


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[caption id="attachment_100005" align="alignright" width="260"] Slumming it.[/caption] If you haven't heard, Avenue Capital's Marc Lasry will be representing you to our oldest and least-reliable ally. The White House didn't intend for you to hear that for a few weeks yet, and Avenue certainly didn't intend for its clients to hear it. But no convention of courtesy or deference can hold Bill Clinton down.