Mnuchin And Ross Have Their Debutante Ball – And Mnuchin Is On Twitter

Which Twitter egg is really Steve Mnuchin?

It was only Tuesday night that we learned that Goldman-child-cum-hedgie-cum-Hollywood-moneyman Steve Mnuchin would be leading the Treasury under president-elect Trump, with private equity titan Wilbur Ross at Commerce. Now they've had their coming-out party on – where else – CNBC's Squawk Box.


Ross is an old hand on the show, but it was Mnuchin's first real big-time appearance. Both toed the Trump line on tax cuts, financial deregulation and trade – Mnuchin even said “yuge” a few times, perhaps explaining how he got the nod – and there was only one real revelation in the whole thing: Mnuchin has been on Twitter this whole time.

“I used to have a pseudonym for Twitter,” Mnuchin explained. Now he's requesting the big blue check mark. How quickly they grow up!

Now that the mystery is over as to who the next Treasury secretary will be, the next big scoop is identifying Mnuchin's Twitter alter-ego. Got an idea? Hit us up.

There's any number of financial Twitter aliases who would fit innicely in a Trump administration. But given the average Trump supporter, the odds are Mnuchin's avatar looks something like:

twitter egg

Trump's treasury pick says I want to slash taxes across the board [CNBC]