Sensing A World Gripped By Tumult And Confusion, Snapchat Files For IPO

You're gonna love the new dystopia filter, bruh.

The world is staring incredulously at a United States that will soon be led by a reality TV star who has spent the last 18 months preaching protectionism and lost the popular vote. Markets are responding to this new reality in ways that can best be described as "bizarre" while protests and fatalism take over global capitals. The end of 2016 looms before us all like the end of something familiar and the beginning of something unknowable and terrifying.

SnapchatIPO wanna buy some Snap stock?

Messaging app Snapchat has filed confidentially for an initial public offering (IPO), sources familiar with the situation said on Tuesday.
The Venice, California-based company is in the process of planning one of the biggest technology IPOs in recent years, expected to come as early as March.
Snapchat, whose parent is Snap Inc, was not immediately available to comment.

You don't what Snap does or how it plans to generate revenue (and since Evan Speigel is filing confidentially, we know he's fersure got less than $1 billion)? Who cares! Nothing has meaning!

You're concerned that President Trump will punish tech sector stocks? He also said that he was going to build a wall.

You're just not ready to pay premiums for shares in a company that was born out of the need to make nude selfies disappear after being shared? Have you looked at America lately? We're more than halfway to a dick pic-based economy!

Snapchat is really going public... buy gold.

Exclusive: Snapchat has filed confidentially for its IPO - sources [Reuters]