Steve Cohen Considering Skywriters, Guerilla Marketing To Staff Up Fancy New Singapore Digs

Hey Singapore, hope y'all like dope fleece vests.
Waiting for you.... source: BusinessWire

Waiting for you.... source: BusinessWire

Even by the standards of the often-reclusive hedge fund industry, Steve Cohen is a bit, shall we say, media-shy. Long before we in the press were writing headlines full of words like “insider trading,” “black edge,” “Matthew Martoma” and “Preet Bharara” to top stories about Cohen, his late firm SAC Capital Advisors, his current firm Point72 Asset Management and his future firm Stamford Harbor Capital, Cohen had a penchant for keeping his words and his image out of the papers. Maybe it was that time Alex convinced him to go on “Cristina” to talk about his love lives in 1992 that convinced him that schtum was the best policy in the face of the press. Perhaps it was his expanding waistline and receding hairline. In all probability, certain outdated rules and regulations played a role.

Now that he’s vanquished his enemies and just 14 months from being back in business, the Big Guy has been staffing up all around the world, in spite of the difficulties. In particular, he’s been hiring at a nice clip in Asia. This rapid far eastern expansion includes some spacious new digs in downtown Singapore with desk chairs awaiting as many as 33 people—on top of the nine who’ve already joined Team Cohen in the city-state. And in addition to the help-wanted sign on the front door, Point72 is looking to drum up some fresh talent with something that wouldn’t even have been mentionable at SAC: a press release. And not just any press release, but one that shows off the new kinder, gentler Steve Cohen.

Chris Coward, Head of Risk for Point72’s international business and the Head of the Singapore office said, “We are excited to be able to move into a space that can accommodate our growth in the region. We are committed to grow our presence in Singapore starting with the high-caliber talent we know are here….”

“We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our employees, and that starts with ensuring they have the best-in-class equipment and facilities they need to do their jobs every day,” added Desmidt. “A strong culture begins with a premier workplace.”

Point72 Doubles Office Space in Singapore’s OUE Bayfront; Affirms Commitment to Hiring Region’s Top Talent [BusinessWire]