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Producer Of "Mad Max: Fury Road" Officially The Most Logical Choice To Run Trump's Treasury Department

Steven Mnuchin is getting the orange nod to put his signature on all the currency in Trumperica.

We've been transfixed by the bromance between Steven Mnuchin and Donald Trump for months now.


What started off as a financial flirtation has blossomed into a partnership as close as two men can have when one of those men is literally Donald Trump. Mnuchin has been a tireless bundler and cheerleader for The Donald, pulling in #MAGA cash as finance chair and giving advice on the economic team. All that has allowed Steve to carve out a position on the Trump campaign that seems best described as "Diet Jared Kushner."

And now it seems like these two crazy kids are gonna make it official. According to Charlie Gasparino, The Donald is telling everyone that Mnuchin is his one and only choice to become the 77th United States Secretary of the Treasury.

Would Mnuchin be the least-qualified Treasury Secretary of the modern era?

That's not for us to say - and frankly that question feels a little bit leading - but here's a concise breakdown of Mnuchin's curriculum vitae:

After 17 years at Goldman (where his dad, Bob, was a legendary rainmaker) Mnuchin worked for George Soros, then bought what was left of IndyMac at a post-crisis FDIC auction, spun it into gold by "reorganizing" it and selling it off at a major profit. He then started a now-defunct hedge fund before jumping into showbiz, eventually taking on the role of co-chairman at Relativity Media. A nascent studio that blew up in spectacular fashion relative moments after Mnuchin jumped ship in May of 2015. But while in Hollywood, Mnuchin worked on a little film called "Mad Max: Fury Road," a charming tale circling around a death race through an apocalyptic desert.

So...yeah, he's more than ready to oversee the US economy under President Donald J. Trump.



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