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Your Move, Wall Street

This is really happening.

We are through the looking glass and we have the data to prove it.

Four hours ago it seemed almost impossible that Donald Trump would be the President-Elect of the United States of America. As of this writing it seems statistically likely that he will indeed be on his way to becoming the leader of the free world.

That reality has hit the global economy like a punch in the gut.

Dow Futures are in an unprecedented free fall, down more than 750 points replicating a plummet that we have not seen since 9/11:


The Nikkei is in a nose dive, gold is surging and the VIX looks like the world is literally on fire. There is a very real sense in economic data that something epochal and terrifying is happening to an economy that the US inextricably shares with nations around the globe.

We have been rather unsubtle about our feelings at Dealbreaker since Trump announced his candidacy last summer, but should we awaken tomorrow to find him the President-Elect of this nation, there will be work to do. A lot of it.

Clearly the world is more than wary of what the American electorate has perhaps decided, and there is objectively reason for fear.

Trump has spoken ill of Wall Street on many occasions while showing what can best be described as a fragile grasp of the vagaries of finance. He has insulted hedge fund managers and said the kind of vanilla bullshit that modern candidates say about "The Banks." But he has also surrounded himself with a number of hedge fund managers as key advisors and will literally need the banks to undo much of what he plans to do in the early days of his presidency.

And that's where a path forward exists. For all its warts, Wall Street is a place that values flinty-eyed logic above all things, and that could be needed more than ever in the coming weeks, months and years. The only way to reject the nativist demagoguery that has fueled the Trump campaign is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it puts America and what it stands for at risk in a way that is more than just philosophical. It needs to be proven that xenophobia and petty thinking are bad for the actual business of America. That there is no lasting profit in closing our borders and completely disengaging from a geopolitical landscape that needs American leadership.

And even if the election results shift in a miraculous last-second turnaround, these are clearly lessons that the American people clearly still need to learn. Hillary Clinton might not be able to teach them should she somehow end up in the Oval Office.

Wall Street has been reflexively vilified throughout the most absurdist election that this country has ever subjected itself to, disused over and over again while the true danger to the American dream ran amok through an ignored corner of the American psyche. It would be both fitting and beautiful if Wall Street turned out to be the most honest actor of all.

Good luck to all of us.

All of us.



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