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SEC’s Top Cop Clearing Out Before Trump Makes Regulator Great Again

Andrew Ceresney is also gonna take off now.
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Andrew Ceresney’s not saying that his partner-in-fighting-financial-crime Preet Bharara is crazy for thinking that he’ll be able to keep doing what he’s doing after President Trump’s coronation. All the SEC enforcement chief is saying is, he’s joining his boss in not sticking around to find out.

Andrew Ceresney, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Wall Street policeman, will leave the agency at the end of December, joining other top officials who are departing before Donald Trump is sworn in as president in January….

Ceresney is the seventh top official at the SEC to announce his departure since Trump won November's election.

U.S. SEC enforcement chief Ceresney to depart at year-end [Reuters]


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