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Bill Ackman's Terrible 2016 Is Ending In The Sh!ttiest Way Possible

Some bad personal news for Bill Acks.

Billionaire activist investor Bill Ackman and his wife Karen Ann Herskovitz have split after 25 years and are heading for a big-money divorce, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

Bill ackman beach

The Ack-Man has never been anything but than a good sport putting up with our bullsh!t over the years so we wish him and his family the best.

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman and wife in ‘big-money divorce’ [PageSix]


Bill ackman beach

The CEO Of ADP Went On Television To Sh!t All Over Bill Ackman

Carlos Rodriguez just delivered a verbal curb-stomping on the Ack-Man.

Hot rod Bill Ackman.

Bill Ackman Reveals Long Positions In Starbucks And Love

The Pete Davidson of finance is showing off some big Ack energy.

Bill ackman beach

Bill Ackman Admits That He Is Contemplating Self-Harm

The Ack-Man is looking to make his death by Chipotle more literal.

Bill ackman beach

We're Officially Worried About Bill Ackman, You Guys

Not even Icahn is enjoying this...well -yeah- he totally is...but it's still troubling.