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The Oracle Of Omaha Could Make Out Like A Non-Threatening Old Bandit On This Whole Emperor Trump Deal

Trump tax plan would give Berkshire Hathaway a $29B tax cut, hoping Warren's kid Jimmy gets some.
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Thanks to a minority of voters making one of America's least-likable billionaires into the next President, America's most-liked billionaire is going to benefit Warren Buffett oh so much.

According to Bloomberg, some abacus jockeys over at Barclays have figured out that Trump's tax plan could create a situation in which Warren Buffett's annual Dairy Queen budget far outpaces his company's tax burden:

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. could get a $29 billion boost to its book value under tax-rate cuts advocated by President-elect Donald Trump, according to Barclays Plc.
“We would view this magnitude of increase as favorable for Berkshire shares since it is generally valued on price to book value,” Barclays analysts led by Jay Gelb said in a note to investors Monday.

We all know that Warren hates tax cuts, but one guesses that $29 billion might be a little too much for the Oracle to turn down on behalf of his little concern. But if Warren Buffett made a show of getting $28 billion in tax relief from a guy who ran on a platform of blue-collar populism, it could be the ultimate revenge for a guy who supported Hillary Clinton in his own write a check/aw shucks kind of way.

Anyway, it's 46 days until Inauguration Day and Warren Buffett is already staring down the barrel of a 12 digit tax cut. Remember when Hillary's speeches at Goldman Sachs were a thing?


Berkshire Boost From Trump Tax Plan Seen as High as $29 Billion [Bloomberg]


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