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Trump Administration Looking to Put Some Bridgewater In The Pentagon

David McCormick seems Pentagon-bound.

In what one can only assume would be a neck-shattering case of cultural whiplash, Bridgewater President David McCormick is rumored to be at the tippy top of President-elect Trump's list to become the Deputy Secretary of Defense:


Hedge fund manager and former Army officer David McCormick is the front-runner to serve as President-elect Donald Trump’s deputy defense secretary, according to three people familiar with the presidential transition.

While McCormick has both military and government experience (four years combined in the W administration at Commerce and in the White House) who would clearly be a very useful to handle all the money stuff under incoming Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis, we are legit concerned that no man is able to withstand going from the radical transparency of the Woods of Westport to... whatever we are calling the guiding philosophy of the Trump Administration.

That said, we do like the images of staffers wandering the halls of The Pentagon staring down at the new employee handbook, wondering why they care about the relative moralism of a wildebeest being eaten alive by a pack of hyenas, and then thinking "Wait. Am I the hyena?"

McCormick Said to Be Trump Front-Runner for Defense Deputy [Bloomberg]


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