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Lame Dad John Cryan Not Cool With People Playing Around On WhatsApp

The Deutsche Bank CEO would really prefer his people stop it with encrypted messaging systems.

When you've got the kind of weltschmerzthat Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan does, you would really prefer it if everyone just did their best to keep it copacetic so you can just focus on steering your bank through the non-stop shitstorm in which it seems to perpetually find itself.


So it should come as no surprise that when a couple of wisenheimer millennial Deutsche Bankers decided to act painfully hip and start chatting about rates on an encrypted messaging app, Cryan and his people lost their collective scheiße. At least that's how Business Insider is telling it:

A Deutsche Bank rates trader has been suspended after asking a trading counterparty to join a WhatsApp group, according to a source familiar with the matter.
The incident happened two weeks ago, and the bank's internal investigation is yet to close, the source told Business Insider.

Deutsche Bank is already still waiting on some other major legal stuff to work itself out and there is a good chance that even President Trump is going to warm to the idea of generating millions in federal revenue from fining bad banker behavior, so this is clearly an internal signal that everyone at DB better keep everything on the up and up.

At least until Symphony finally gets off the ground and everyone has a new way to whisper their collusion into the internet without anyone seeing it.

Deutsche Bank suspends interest-rate trader for using WhatsApp [BI]


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