Deutsche Bank Seeks To Ruin Goldman Sachs' Best Week Ever By Upgrading Its Rating On Goldman Sachs

Through the miasma of his own tears, Cryan admits that Lloyd is doing a nice little job over there.

Goldman Sachs is sliding back in its rightful place as the ever-ascendant ruler of the universe, manspreading again on its gilded throne once again as PEOTUS Trump staffs his Wall Street-friendly cabinet with binders full of Goldman alums and Lloyd begins to color tab which parts of Dodd-Frank he'd like to see incinerated on Jan. 21, 2017.


Aside from Lloyd Solo potentially losing his Chewbacca to the new administration, there is nothing that can stop senior Goldmen from strutting around 200 West Street like the cocks of the walk. Goldman can finally stop pretending that it every stopped being "Government Sachs" and we can all go back to trembling in its presence.

Nobody can fuck up this feeling....

In a note to clients on Tuesday, a Deutsche Bank AG team led by analyst Matt O'Connor hiked 2017's earnings-per-share estimates and price targets across the 17 U.S. financial institutions it covers, and upgraded Goldman to 'buy' from 'hold,' making Steven Mnuchin's former employer one of its top bank picks.


Putting a Deutsche 'buy' on a hot stock? That's like filling Usain Bolt's running shoes with cement.

You cold as hell, John Cryan...You ICE cold.

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