Gundlach: Trump Rally Starting To Look Like Actor Filming His Eighth ‘Dr. Fellatio’ Of The Day

Market bang to be followed by whimper…then a cigarette and a nap.

The market’s starting to look a little flaccid, and the DoubleLineCapital chief expects some significant shrinkage come Inauguration Day.

The strong U.S. stock market rally, surge in Treasury yields and strength in the U.S. dollar since Trump's surprising Nov. 8 presidential victory look to be "losing steam," Gundlach, who oversees more than $106 billion at the Los Angeles-based investment management firm, said in a telephone interview….

"There is going to be a buyer's remorse period," said Gundlach, who voted for Trump and accurately predicted in January the winner of the presidential election.

"The dollar is going to go down, yields have peaked and will move sideways, stocks have peaked as well and gold is going to go up in the short term."

DoubleLine’s Gundlach says Trump rallies seem to be ‘losing steam’ [Reuters]