Carl Icahn Regrets Stinginess Of His $1 Billion Post-Election Stock Market Bet

Next time the octogenarian places a midnight trade he'll put some real money on it.

Carl Icahn can be called a lot of things – filmmakerrevenge enthusiastsexual assault apologist – but a hypocrite is not one of them. After more than a year of backing Donald Trump, you'll recall, Icahn skipped out on the Donald's big election-night party to go buy the dip in the plunging stock market.


Now he's expressing regrets about the decision. The direction of the trade wasn't wrong, of course. Nor was his timing off. The problem is that his billion-dollar wager, he told CNBC, was too conservative.

While the rally may be a little "exuberant," Icahn said it makes sense because "all the things Donald's doing really point to a much, much better economy."

"I did buy a fair amount, I guess in perspective, but not nearly what I should have," Icahn said.

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