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Jose Canseco Sets Uncharacteristically Modest Goals For Fed Chairmanship

Fed Chair Jose Canseco does seem like the next logical step here.
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Jose Canseco hears that President Trump is giving out jobs to former baseball people. Notably, that former Mets manager and master of disguise Bobby Valentine is ready to suit up and explain to the frightened and bewildered Japanese why President Trump is trying to goad two of its closest neighbors into going to war as U.S. ambassador to that country. If that’s the case, old Jose has the perfect job in mind.


Now, we don’t know whether Canseco has Valentine’s advantages, notably that, in spite of The Donald’s pinstriped loyalties, he’s been buddies with the president-elect for 30 years, and has Chris Christie and Anthony Scaramucci—who’s also apparently preparing for a government paycheck—pushing for his appointment. But he does have some noteworthy disadvantages, such as the fact that the job won’t actually be available until early 2018 and that he and Trump differed markedly over Brexit. Oh yea, and there’s that whole botched gold call. On the other hand, he’s no fan of the easy monetary policies that Trump occasionally indicates he’s against, as well. But Canseco had better start thinking yuger than just doubling the market in his first term. That will not Make America Great Enough Again for this future denizen of Mount Rushmore, not when Jimmy Carter’s Fed chair did this:

The Dow more than tripled over Paul Volcker’s tenure as chairman in the 1970s and 80s. The Dow rose by fourfold during the tenure of Mr. Volcker’s successor, Alan Greenspan.

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